Ploink! is a great new site offering you the chance to donate small amounts of change to the charities of your choice.

Here's how it works:
1. Sign up – it's FREE and takes just 30 seconds
2. Choose up to 3 of your favourite charities
3. Start ploinking coins into the piggy banks show me how.

You can put in as little or as much as you like – just like dropping your spare change into a collecting tin. Once a piggy bank has at least 99p in it you're able to donate the money to your charity. You can do this using a credit, debit or maestro card on our secure payment page.

How do I ploink?

Ploinking is easy! Start by finding a charity and click 'support' on their profile page. Go to your home page and you'll see the charity piggy bank will have appeared! Now you're ready to ploink!

First grab a coin

Step 1: Move your pointer over the coin you want to put in the piggy bank.

Drag the coin to a pig

Step 2: Click on it and drag it to a piggy bank and let go. The total amount will go up with each coin.


Step 3: When you have at least 99p in the piggy bank the 'donate now' button will activate for you to click and donate.

Who's Using Ploink?

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